As requested, TPF is now enrolling 3 year olds into our popular dance program. Combo dance is fun and educational for young children and helps to promote a healthy imagination!
Our classes incorporate tap, jazz, ballet, tumble and ballroom! Boys and girls welcome. Call 863-965-9500 for details.


Dance Classes at TPF start anew each September with on-going registration as space allows. We offer class in Tumble, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and Couples Dance. We start dancers as young as 3 years of age and include all genres of dance in our very popular After-School Arts Education Program.

See our schedule page for up-dated class times, or call us at 863-965-9500.

Our Dance program is equipped with the highest quality instructors offering lessons in TapBalletHip Hop and Tumbling. As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Ms Sherri stresses the importance of bone and muscle care as a top concern for all students; ‘safety first’ is always the major theme in every class. Proper technique is taught at every level with fun being a close second. Whether learning for enjoyment or training as a professional dancer, TPF students grow to enjoy a lifelong love and appreciation for the Arts.

Beginner Dance Syllabus – Designed to encourage self-expression and freedom of movement through imaginative use of rhythm, song and make-believe. Young dancers build on steps learned in pre-dance while learning exciting new warm-up and center routines.  Balance-beam work is added to enhance posture focus and concentration.  This may be a first time adventure for some young dancers and an exciting reunion for others.  Either way, our 10 month curriculum is designed to increase and develop each student’s level of skill, confidence, and character!

Classes offered for This Age Group Include: 

Ballet, Tumble, Tap and Hip Hop

Class Attire: Pink tights with pink or black leotard.  Pink leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes.  All items can be purchased at TPF.  All shoes must have student’s first and last name on inside for easy identification.  All shoe ribbons should be replaced with elastic for safety and ease of change.

Starter Kits available at TPF.  $150 (a $180 Value) includes:

Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoes, leotards (Black or Pink), Tights (Black or Pink), dance skirt (Black or Pink), and a pink ballet carry-all back pack and school tee-shirt!

Intermediate Dance Syllabus This is an exciting level for this student as they are introduced to dance technique and terminology at the barre, in the center and across the floor.  Dancers begin calling steps by name while moving with ease from technique one to another building combinations.  Props are used to keep warm-ups exciting and sure to encourage interest and imagination in learning.  Although children are still developing in their own unique time-lines, each one is encouraged to participate at a deeper level of individual commitment to self-development and self-awareness.  At this level students also become aware of the importance of teamwork, timing and musicality.  Like before, our 10 month curriculum is designed to increase and develop each students level of skill, confidence, and character!