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Jessi, you don’t know me but I have seen you compete in a couple of tournaments including the national championships this past weekend. I am Eric Frazier from Tennessee, am a 35 year old middle school teacher here, and the head coach of 2 competitive sports (track & field and Cross Country). I understand, as a past athlete, the discipline it takes to be the best and what it takes to compete at the highest level. I understand the commitment, the drive, and the perseverance it takes to achieve a goal no matter how easy or challenging the pursuit. I understand and have felt the weight of my teammates, and at this stage in life my athletes, weighing down on me to win by being at my best or to make the best decisions that puts them in a position to win. Being a leader, one who leads by example, can be one of the biggest challenges a person can face. It takes a special person to take the reins of a wild stallion and tame the beast; physical strength to show him who’s boss, love to show him you care, and a passionate desire to see him through the tough times when the beast tries to come back out. Jessi, I don’t know you personally but I can see from the stands that you are a strong person with the desire to be the best you can be, and that you are willing to take the load of those lesser and carry them to success. I had an eagle-eye on you this weekend not just on the mat but in the corner of younger athletes and in the halls far away from competition and you my friend are the real deal. God has given you a great challenge and you are living up to it from my prospective. Keep up the great work both for personal improvement and what you do for others. The biggest reason for my writing you is to say thanks for inspiring the younger generation of kids you don’t even know. My nephew, Abram Loudermilk, competed w/the Chung Do Black Belt Academy out of Knoxville Tn. He won the national in sparring and in Kama’s and went on to win Grand Champion in Kama’s. Every time you competed or were even around Abram his eyes lit up and he was totally focused on you and what you were doing. I know that can be a huge burden and my intention is not to put that on you but I never heard a negative statement from your mouth or a physical disapproval/disappointment in your face towards anyone. You are a great role model for Abram and all those young kids out there and everywhere you go. I’ve rambled on long enough. All this to say God bless you in all your adventures and keep up the amazing work you are doing.

One last thing and I’ll shut up… I was very inspired by what I saw in everyone in the Chung Do Kwan Association, I’m trying to figure out a way to make it work for me to begin taking TKD myself.

Blessings to you and all you do.

Coach Frazier

CMS Head Coach

Cross Country

Track & Field

8/12/2013 Ms. Sherri, I’m writing this on behalf of my 8 year old granddaughter Jade.  Jade had visited her aunt last summer and came to TPF’s Summer Camp program for approx. 2 weeks.  She enjoyed her time so much that when we returned home to Deerfield Beach, she never forgot the fun she has and told her friends all about the activities she did.  She talked all during this year that when we came back to Auburndale she wanted to attend once again.  I believe it is quite a testament to TPF and their staff that a 7 year old girl remembered all year how much she wanted to come back to TPF.  We have now moved here (as of July 2013) and as you guessed Jade joined TPF the very first week that we arrived – she couldn’t wait to join!  As Jades Grandmother and Custodian I want to thank everyone at TPF for providing such a loving and caring environment (not to mention the fun field trips & learning atmosphere).  Mimi C.
Words can not express the appreciation my Husband and I have for the powerful transformation TPF and staff have had on our son, Jimmy. After attending a demo class at TPF my husband and I signed our son up. Jimmy was shy and unsure of himself. We were not certain that he would stick with Tae Kwon Do once he saw the more advanced students. But to our surprise and pleasure, Jimmy not only loves TKD, he also loves the other kids and has great respect for the instructors, Mr. Jessi and Mr. Jimmy. Since then Jimmy has continued to grow into a confident, mature and respectful young man. He is now a Black Belt and he has determination and drive to become his very best.
Gob Bless TPF!

Ms. Sherri has been a great inspiration and role model for our daughter these last (seven) years! Almost from the time she could talk, Ashley has wanted to dance! It was a godsend when the TPF studio opened up. Ashley has been learning both Dance and Tae Kwon Do over the last (seven) years. Ms. Sherri, Mr. Jimmy, and Mr. Jessi have given our daughter the gift of self – esteem, confidence, pride and tenacity. I am truly grateful for the wonderful experience TPF provides Ashley.

(Up – Date: Ashley is now a TPF Black Belt!)

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  1. My boys just love this program! Master Jessi is an amazing role model that I’m proud my boys look up to. Thank You Master Jessi for encouraging my boys to try their best and always making them feel like they belong. Thank you Miss Sherri for welcoming us and treating us like family and for offering such a diverse program that continues to appeal to the health and mental wellness of my children. Finally a Christian run program that can meet the needs of my very differently abled children and create memories that will bring them together long into their adult life. Keep up the great work, God Bless TPF!


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